I grew up in District 60, in the Lakeridge area. My father was a teacher at Cherry Hill Elementary and my mother was very active in politics as she raised the eight of us. Like most people in Utah County, I was raised Republican. Even though I was raised “Republican,” when I was 14, my hero was Martin Luther King Jr. His compassion, foresight, and determination appealed to me because I was raised to recognize bravery and leadership in individuals, regardless of political affiliation. Political science continued to fascinate me, however, “life happened” and I couldn’t finish my degree until 2015. I graduated from UVU in Sociology, with a minor in Peace and Justice Studies.

My husband, Devin, and I blended our families together 4 years ago. He was my rock as I finished my degree and as I made the decision to go into the workforce after I graduated. I’m grateful that Devin is able to stay at home. We feel that having one parent at home is important for our children. Not every family can do that, so I would like to see more programs helping families, especially those with young children.

Why I’m running for office.

The recent excitement around Bernie Sanders has activated an unprecedented number of people who have never felt welcome in the political arena. I know that many of you are new to political involvement, but most Utahns care about the same things, like fair elections, clean air, families, education, and a living wage.

I believe in giving voters a choice, instead of an unopposed incumbent. I am running because our one party system in Utah is a breeding ground for extremism. Unless we voice our concerns and offer an inspiring alternative, the status quo will remain.

Campaign finance is the most important issue facing politics today. Politicians who bow to corporate interests HAVE TO GO! When a campaign’s very existence is built upon large donations from special interests, these politicians inevitably hesitate, when the moral choice is to vote with the people.

We need public servants in office who make education inclusive, not expensive!

We need candidates who invest in our greatest resource, our children!

We need candidates who are motivated by service, not super PACs!

AND when it comes to the environment, we need legislators who make decisions based on research, not profit margins!

I was an apathetic independent voter for years because I didn’t feel like my vote counted, but I am no longer apathetic. I am committed to changing politics in Utah, I cannot do it alone and I believe we can change the system together. We have a unique opportunity to show individuals who are frustrated with the Republican Party what real leadership looks like. This election will extend further than November. I will work with State and local politicians to change the political culture in Utah. We need to support working families, value community, and improve our quality of life.